Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week 8 Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems Pre-Lecture Resources

Unfortunately, David McHugh of ProAir will not be able to make it in this week but is hoping to make it in next week. This will give us an opportunity to go through the basics of passive windows and doors and heat recovery ventilation systems in class. Have a look at my previous post to refresh your memory on passive windows and doors. Last week, we did mention blower door testing during Tom O'Dwyer's guest lecture. Passipedia has an excellent section on ventilation and why it recommends the exhaust fan system. Michael Hayes of RVR Technology provides a nice introduction to mechanical heat recovery ventilation systems in the videos below.

And check out Bill Butcher's discussion the their selected ventilation system on the Denby Dale Project.
We will have the opportunity to listen to another guest speaker on Tuesday because Aidan Malone will be giving a talk to the 4th-year architectural students on the design and sustainability strategy of the GMIT library in 1041 at 12.30 followed by a tour of the library and we have been invited to tag along.