Thursday, October 25, 2012

'Fabric First' Training Day with Ecological Building Systems

We had a great day up in Athboy yesterday when the students from the M.Sc. in Environmental Systems in GMIT attended the 'Fabric First' training day with Ecological Building Systems. Many thanks to Niall and Roman for an excellent day of presentations and practical work (photographs below show Niall and Roman demonstrating different aspects to the students yesterday).

Roman demonstrated in the Airtightness Demonstration Area
Niall giving some tips on selection of insulation strategies
Niall demonstrates some considerations in more difficult applications
Roman highlighting the importance of accuracy when installing airtightness membranes
Ecological Building Systems continue to be at the forefront of knowledge in the area of airtightness and thermal insulation and their training facility is a fantastic resource for anyone involved in the construction sector. The course is highly recommended and provides a mix of interesting presentations on the different aspects of low energy building fabric design, personal experiences and lessons learned from completed and ongoing project and demonstrations of practical work in the training centre (photographs below show some of the details on show in the training centre).

Airtightness membrane application demonstration area
Passive Eco Wall Detail
WinCon Model House