Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Week 10 Pecha Kucha and Poster Presentation for next week

In preparation for both the Pecha Kucha session and your poster presentation, have a look at the following resources: NUI, Galway have put together a nice site providing design tips for poster presentations including some useful videos; Colin Purrington's section on poster design has a number of good tips and links; the Cornell Centre for Materials Research have some good points in this presentation although I would not worry about picking a software program as PowerPoint should do fine. Have a look at the following videos for some useful guidance but remember that we want an A0 poster in portrait not landscape.

For the Pecha Kucha, remember what I said in class...practice makes perfect. Have a look at the homepage to browse through some of the resources available. We might even video you next week if you are really good. The main aim is to have a bit of fun but also to avoid 'Death by PowerPoint' as the following videos demonstrate.