Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Week 4 Foundation Systems Post-Lecture Resources

In today's class, we looked at a number of different systems available for foundations, rising walls and ground floors. have produced an excellent video on this highlighting the importance of thermal bridge free design.

Some of the products mentioned by Tomas O'Leary to minimse thermal bridging included an aerated low U Value block e.g.  Quinnlite block (as used by Viking Homes). Another interesting element was for the insulated cantilevered solution for balcony construction. Foamglass was also introduced as a viable thermal break alternative to a standard block rising wall construction. We then looked at the Denby Dale project in the UK, which used traditional construction techniques to achieve the passive standard.

The 3D model was developed by Gerard Nicholson as part of an architectural competition we held in the Department of Building and Civil Engineering over the summer (2011).