Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Week 5 Blog Assignment 1

The first blog assignment will involve a critical review of an assigned paper in the area of Passive House Design and Construction. The following is the allocation:
1. Henrick Kolberg    
A Case Study on the Effects of Thermal Mass and Climate Change

2. Eimear Hassett 
Traditional, State of the Art, and Future Thermal Building Insulation Materials

3. Diarmuid O' Ceidigh
Impact of Thermal Bypass

4. Jan Gottsche      
Energy Saving Analysis on Thermal Mass Walls

5. John Carroll       
CEPHEUS Measurement Report on 100 Houses

6. Shay Walsh            
Achievable Concepts for Low Carbon Buildings

7. Kevin Cunningham
Primary Energy Implication of Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation System

I will post the blog post brief and rubric on Moodle.